Extra Strong Wundaweb - 20mm x 3m

Extra Strong Wundaweb - 20mm x 3m

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Easy Hemming - No Sewing

Perfect hems on skirts, trousers, dresses, curtains, etc.

Wundaweb is a fine, fusible fleece which bonds fabrics together quickly and easily, providing a natural, firmly joined finish. Wundaweb is washable and dry cleanable and simple to use.

1. Fold hem and crease.

2. Place Wundaweb inside the folded hem until completely covered.

3. Cover with a damp cloth.

4. Press firmly with a hot dry iron for at least 10 seconds until cloth is dry. Move along hem and repeat (using a pressing action - not an ironing action)

5. Allow to cool for 10 minutes before checking. 

Alteration: Care should be taken in altering a Wundaweb fused hem. To alter, cover hem with damp cloth. Press with hot, dry iron, peel hem immediately while warm. 

Always Test First!

Extra care is needed for fine silk, polyester or lightly silky fabrics. Not recommended for use on velvet, velour, cord or pile fabrics.

Curtains: Steam may shrink some fabrics, Do not let iron come into direct contact with web. If this happens remove unwanted web with Vliseline Iron Cleaner.

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