Hi-Tack Fabric Glue - 115ml

Hi-Tack Fabric Glue - 115ml

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High Performance

Suitable for most fabrics including: Cottons, synthetics, leather, suede, ribbons etc.

For: Home décor, repairs, applying motifs, beads, sequins, name tags, making hems, seams, curtains, costumes, toys & collage etc.

Non Toxic - Safe - Permanent.


Spread a thin even layer of glue to both sides of the fabric using a brush or spatula and let dry for 10 minutes or until tacky then press the fabrics together using even pressure. Excess glue can be removed with water before it dries. For greater strength, iron at the hottest temperature for the fabric. Let dry for 24 hours before use, cures in 4-5 days. Can be gentle hand or machine washed. Cool wash only 30 degrees maximum. Do not pull glued fabric when wet. Not intended for very thin fabrics like silk, organza or some satins as the glue may ooze through.

We always suggest that you test on a trail piece before use.

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