Hemline Velour Dots - Black

Hemline Velour Dots - Black

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Self Adhesive 

Hook and loop fasteners with hundreds of uses. Soft furnishings, Automotive, camping, etc.


- Ensure both surfaces are smooth, clean and free of dust or grease.

- Peel off backing paper and apply to surface with even pressure. 

- Do not re-position as this weakens sticking power.

- Allow 24 hours for glue to bond before opening and closing.

- Not recommended for machine sewing or on sheer fabrics. 


- Place the firm (hook) dot onto the surface and the soft (loop) dot onto the object

- For fabric covered display panels (which act as the loop surface), place the hook tape on the object and apply directly to the display panel, without the need for the loop tape. 

- Hand sewing is recommended for securing to fabrics, or fluffy surfaces. 


- Beware of applications where babies could scratch themselves on the tape or put it in their mouth

- Hand wash in warm water and mild detergent. 

Also available in white (665)

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