Hemline Iron-On Patch - Black - 12cm x 44cm

Hemline Iron-On Patch - Black - 12cm x 44cm

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For decorating and mending - Strong and easy to apply


For mending and decorating

- Pillows

- Applique shapes

- Denim jeans, jackets

- Purses, knapsacks, school bags

- Piping around pockets and cuffs, down seams

- Hats

- T-shirts

- Curtains

- Sneakers

(Not intended for use on plastic, nylon or rayon.)


1. Cut the patch to the desired shape size. NB: It is a good idea to round corners of the patch before applying it - this decreases the chance of the corners lifting during wear and care.

2. Use a dry iron, set to cotton heat. If any risk of scorching garment, use a pressing cloth between the iron and the patch. 

3. Iron area of garment to be mended, place patch glue side down.

4. Press down hard for 20-30 seconds without moving iron. Check bond and repeat if necessary. Continue in this manner until whole patch is bonded in place. Press along edges to finish seal.

5. Allow patch to cool before moving garment.

 Code: 690.L.B